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Site upgrades & family email

I want to upgrade the site and would like some suggestions and help if anyone is so inclined. Also, I will be giving anyone in the family a email address if you're interested. Just let me know.

If you're looking for the old gallery, click HERE

I'm also brewing beer! Yes, my buddy Jeff and I called our little brewery Patriot Brewing. We've just created two of our signatures - "Powdered Wig Ale" (an American Pale Ale) and "Washington's Cherry Tree Ale" (an American Brown Ale). If you'd like to see some pictures of our crazy setup and last brew, go HERE.


Hurricane Wilma made her way into our lives and disrupted most of South Florida. CLICK HERE for the pictures.



The pictures from THE wedding are starting to get posted! Click HERE to view Mike Thompson's pictures of the wedding and reception.

I also reworked the family scans portion. I put it all in a new area called pictures. If you want your family pictures put there, please email me the pictures and I will upload them to the server for everyone to view! Check out Uncle Franks pictures.

Hereís where youíll find all the information about the Miami McCormick Clan.  It will include biographies, pictures, family history and genealogy.

Although Iím doing this in my spare time, please feel free to make comments or offer suggestions.  Email me.

Jim McCormick
(Docís son)

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